Monday, March 15, 2010

$20,000,000+ Reasons to Play the Lottery

And the winning numbers are...
No, I don't condone playing the lottery for the reasons lotteries around the country site:
• Quit your crummy job!
• Instantly retire!
• Travel the world!
• It's fun to play!
• You could win!
• Think of what you could do with all that money?

If you want marketing's simplest and cheapest promotional campaign, this is it: play the lottery

What I mean is this: purchase a few lottery tickets and give them out to your clients and prospects a day or two before the big lottery is announced. I guarantee you, that you will be in the minds of those "lucky" folks for much of the time between when you gave them the ticket and when the numbers are announced. For $1, you are now top of mind.

The power of this promotion is that they will have thought of you fondly for giving them the opportunity. You can say to them, "If this ticket is a $1,000 winner or more, I want half." Good luck in having them honor up. You'd probably be better off stating, "Whatever you win, keep it — just remember the little people when you're on your new yacht."  Most likely, they'll cut you in for a few grand.

Seriously, forget whether they've got a winning ticket or not, (trust me, you should be so lucky that they win — can you imagine their joy, and the publicity you could generate — in winning $20,000,000+?) the point is to be the guy who offers them the chance at more money than they can dream of. That's like being the sponsor of the hole-in-one hole at the golf outing hoping that someone actually sinks it. Now that's a lot of fun!

Just tell them to share the wealth.  :-)

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  1. In terms of building my own personal brand, I think my preferred version would be to give away Bibles or other religious literature. Why offer a one-in-a-million chance when I could give a sure thing? This seems like a lighthearted post--and I don't want to make something out of it that it's not--but religion aside, this doesn't really square with any of my reasons for working or seeking to build wealth. I want any money I make to be a reflection of my performance, so that I can share it with others to help them attain their dreams. If I can accomplish that in this lifetime, I will consider myself truly wealthy.

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