Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Happened to October?

Do as I say, 
not as I do.

No posts in October... how bad is that?

When you take up a blog, the idea to gain a following for it is to actually post something in a predictable fashion. No such luck for me... then again, it isn't luck, is it? So without fanfare, apologies or, for that matter, shame — I submit to you a humble post, but well worth your reading:

10 practical tips for living a truly happy life:
1) Eat whatever you like - only in moderation... except at Thanksgiving.
     Go big!
2) Stop waiting for perfection... accept 75% successes.
     It's OK, and you'll get more done.
3) Get involved in something larger than yourself —
     people will like you.
4) When you "work on yourself", don't take it too seriously.
     If you do, they won't like you.
5) Play hard, but don't "Super Bowl" it...
     unless you are actually in the Super Bowl.
6) Figure out what you'd actually fight for,
     but don't throw the first punch.
7) Do a favor for someone everyday.
8) Open doors for others and smile.
9) Try something new once a month.
10) Find your passions and live in them everyday...
       even if for a moment.
11) Get involved positively with kids. Your own or somebody elses'.
      — it doesn't really matter.
12) Seek out magic in the real world.
      You'd be amazed at how much is out there.

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