Monday, April 19, 2010

Got Vacation?

For entrepreneurs, the lure of reaching the pinnacle, risking life and limb and thrilling to the rush of success is not only tempting, it's mandatory. So why is it that taking a week off from my business is so hard to do? And why is it that I am such a chicken on the slopes?

Beautiful Colorado scenery; Quality time with my wife and kids; A chance to reflect on the successes my business has been able to provide and plenty of thinking time to determine new opportunities while driving 35 hours to Denver and back. Coming off of a rare family vacation, I was left wondering why I hadn't been pressing for more of these?

The answer, of course, is that when you run your own ship, you often get caught in every single decision - and when you're away from the office, bad things seem to creep in. When you're away for a week, a whole lot of anguish can set in. I'm not sure that I have the answers on this - in fact, I know that I don't. I'm still learning how to establish a routine that works for me, my business and my family. Most often, this blog is about what I can do for you... but today, I'd like to hear how you balance work and play and what single piece of advice you'd give to make this more palatable for us entrepreneurs.

What's your vacation secret?

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