Monday, May 10, 2010

6 People Away from Fame and Fortune

For entrepreneurial types, "going it alone" is a common mantra. We envision the day, at some big conference where we've been asked to accept a golden award for our success saying, "Thank you so much. I knew if I were determined enough... I would succeed.  Failure just wasn't an option, and after a lots of late nights toiling away, I had a tremendous epiphany — I had finally figured it all out."

You know, the "I" speech.

Too bad those are dreams most of us simply keep to ourselves (and for good reason). They just don't quite come true.

But what if there was a way to the fame and fortune you seek? Only, like all good fairy tales — it comes with a catch? Your fairy godfather (sorry Brando) makes you a bargain: "You get to go to the ball, accept the award, make the speech, but you have to say thank you — and mean it — to 6 other people."

Could you do it? Would you accept my offer?

Most of you are saying right now, "Sure, I just be happy with the success."

*          *         *       *       *      *     *    *   *  * * !

That's the magic wand... and it grants you your wish!

And here's how:
The 6 folks you're going to thank are the 6 friends, mentors and advisers you're actually going to bring into your business to help you promote, analyze and push you to a higher level. In turn, you're going to sit in on their businesses — all of you, aiding each other — for FREE. In essence, you're going to build a "Board" that's as eager for your success as you will become for their own. In doing so, you'll open yourself and your vision to both criticism and high praise. You'll learn from their triumphs and losses, while investing yourself in their positive outcomes.

Our solitary standing is, quite possibly, the largest road block to our own success. Think about it. If you had 6 sales people as good as yourself, you'd sell a boat load of stuff. You want to get the word out about something? You let your 6 assist. They'll tell their network while you tell your of their interests. Funny, how those exponential powers start to work in your favor when you have more than one to access.

So where do you find them?
Could be most anywhere — but the first sale you're going to need to make is to get one other excited about your vision. And that might take listening intently to their vision first. Give a little, get a lot. Once found, they may have a friend unknown to you, that's likely to compliment your background in ways you hadn't even anticipated. Finding the same kind of person over and over won't cut it and finding these six advisers isn't going to be easy. Once found, however, you will be a force to be reckoned with. One capable of achieving something that has eluded we entrepreneurs for far far too long: trusted teamwork.


NOTE: Might I suggest joining my Big Ideas Group on LinkedIn to start looking for your new board member?


  1. I like your vision. I am excited. I feel the same way. You can only go so far on one tank full of gas, but 6 tanks of gas will probably take you anywhere you want to go...

  2. Wow, this blog is great...Coincidentally, I just recently teamed up with a really great business analyst/marketer to join my team.
    And he's been such an asset already, so I'll keep going to get a few more energetic and smart partners.

    Thanks for this great article!!