Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How fast can you change the game?

Truthfully, I have never been much of a soccer fan. I played football, you know, AMERICAN football... not some game for "grass fairies". Then I signed the North Shore United Soccer Club as a client and all of a sudden, I'm talking corner kicks and FIFA World Cup!

OK, so some sales are made out of necessity. But when it comes to making a new pitch, maybe no place is more hard fought than the land of television commercials (which now have the chance to go viral), seeking out as big a targeted audience as they can find — while attempting to convert someone to a sale (actual or emotional) in :30 and :60 second clips. Now that's a tall order.... and no wonder why so many fall short so often.

Yet, as these few clips will showcase, you don't have to talk up the specific benefits of your own product to gain the associative feelings that go along with a more "compelling message". Find what's "sexy" about your sale and sell it with gusto. Far too many of us think it's the widget and what's in the widget. You couldn't be more wrong. All I want to know right now as a potential customer is, "what does it do for me?" Answer that in a compelling way, even if it's only: "it makes me laugh, or feel good or think a fond memory."

When you view the spots below - do they say anything more than that? Yet, do you feel more likely to buy what they have to sell? I think you'll have to say, "yes".

Football Evolution from Visa (It's like Jack Black vs. the World - very funny.)

Sony Bravia's Superstar (tap into the dreams of your youth - very poignant)

Journey of Football from Puma (win the world, even if you're not a sponsor!)

What's more, this is a lot like what you see in the best of social media today. If you come on too strong, you're more likely to turn people away, but caress them honestly with your like-mindedness, and they may in fact, turn to you for your expertise, your products and your services.

See if you, too, can be turned away from touchdowns to GOOOOOAAAAAAALs!!!  (That is, at least for a month while the World Cup takes center stage starting June 11th)
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