Thursday, March 3, 2011

QR Code Design Secret Revealed!

You've probably begun to notice odd UPC-like codes popping up online, in print ads, on posters and even on TV.  They're called QR codes. That's short for "quick response" code... something that Toyota actually invented back in 1994.  The cool part about the codes is that with a simple free iPhone app, your Smart phone can read them — which, in turn, transports you to the web page of your choice.

Although Toyota has the license on this, they have allowed it's free creation and usage at this point in time. Fantastic! So how can you get one for any address you'd like?  Just jump over to the Kaywa site and you'll have your own in about 60 seconds.

But what's the big secret?

Well, as it turns out, all of the little bits and bites of the design of these codes are not necessary. What that means is, is that you can add a few graphic elements to enhance your code and it's recall without affecting the delivery of your web page.  As you can see by the graphic found on Wikipedia, the scan really only needs to read a few key sections of this square.  The rest, is up to your designers to fiddle with. The cool part about that is that you can test its effectiveness instantly. Either you get to the page or your don't.

Need help developing your own?  I just happen to know of a design firm that can produce one for you, starting at $50 a pop.... just scan the code on this page to find out who it possibly could be!

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