Tuesday, June 28, 2011

...and Action!

Being blessed with an imaginative brain can lead you to places you never expected. It's a constantly working muscle that flexes in ways that just can't be predicted. 

Need an idea? Got one.

Need another?  How about this...

...and so it goes.  Only one problem; that's the ability to simply jump in and begin the work AFTER the idea has been hatched.  You know, boots-to-the-pavement style?

The bane of "creatives" is that they get the 2% inspiration in spades, but often lack the drive to get the 98% perspiration into play.  Subsequently, some of the greatest ideas the world is in desperate need of will simply have to wait until another day, if ever.  It's not that idea-junkies don't mean well, but 100% of an idea without the will to execute (which means taking a chance on failure) means that you'll have 100% ownership of nothing.
You don't have to be a genius. Frankly, it's easier to pretend that you're a genius than simply being modestly good.

You see, ideas by their very nature are sexy. To put them into action, you actually have to work. (And) working isn't sexy, unless it actually produces a product that succeeds.  The truth is, "that ain't easy to do."  It's a lot easier to be the guy who simply dreams something up and leaves it to the shoemaker's elves to produce. If you don't want to do the work, you better be prepared to pay someone who can.

And therein, lies the rub.

Nothing comes for free - time, treasure or talent. Take your pick, often all three are necessary to achieve your vision. Having the idea, and not putting up your money is often a great gauge as to how bold of an idea you actually have.  If you think it can't miss, you'll be tempted to pony up.  If you hope for some schmuck to lend his hard-earned cash to the cause, you better have one hellluva pitch.

So what's a right brainer to do?

Go for small victories. 

1. Dream the dream.
2. Write it down. Make it clear.
3. Write an actionable plan to make it public.
4. Share it with someone who will hold you accountable.
5. Follow the plan.
6. Do. (and check a box)
7. Review 2 and repeat steps 3 through 6 as often as necessary.
8. Reap the rewards of an idea fully vested, implemented and offered to the public.

Box checked.

The finish line feels far off. In some cases, it might actually be — but, scoring a simple "victory" (i.e.: a box that can be checked off) is all that any of us need to feel like we're gaining ground and on a winning path.

Write it down. Make it official. Ask for a box to be checked and do everything you can to check it.  Creatives get that... and can do that.  Push it too far down the list and you're sure to become distracted and disinterested. Do that, and you're sure to come up with yet another idea that never makes it to the big screen.

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